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 Meet en4cerrus - Teamkiller, Rule breaker, General Asshole

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PostSubject: Meet en4cerrus - Teamkiller, Rule breaker, General Asshole   Mon Jun 19, 2017 7:53 am

Introducing...en4cerrus. One of THE worst guys on your server.

So this guy is a complete cancer on your server. He does whatever he wants all the time and has gotten really lucky in the last 2 months because he's only been caught a handful of times breaking rules. He doesn't just break them, he goes out of his way to completely screw the server over by making people just disconnect by teamkilling (especially for a jet), attacking every grounded jet and chopper he can or griefing with the Essex gun or C4 on the pad.

en4cerrus Attacking Grounded Air with F-35B - 06.19.2017 at 08:50 EST

en4cerrus Attack'n Carrier w.o Flags x1 - 06.16.2017 at 02:10 EST

en4cerrus Attack'n Carrier w.o Flags x2

en4cerrus Block'n J-10 with Tank - 06.15.2017 at 03.51 EST

en4cerrus destroying J-10 with Tank - 06.15.2017 at 03.51 EST

en4cerrus C4'n J-10 Pad - 06.14.2017 at 08:38 EST

en4cerrus TK'n with Fav into J-10 - 06.14.2017 at 07:51 EST

I have another set of screenshots of him intentionally ramming the kobra with a J-10 and then immediately after that he comes to the carrier and bombs the grounded kobra 'cause he doesn't like me. If you want I'll post them too, but I feel that you get the idea here. This is just a small sample of what I've caught him doing, this guy literally makes a career outta this.

I've asked this kid so many times to just respect the server that he doesn't pay for and follow the rules so everyone in-game can just try to have a good time. Obviously, he doesn't care. That dood needs a vacation from =TFC=

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Meet en4cerrus - Teamkiller, Rule breaker, General Asshole
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