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 These are our game server rules

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These are our game server rules Empty
PostSubject: These are our game server rules   These are our game server rules Icon_minitimeTue Aug 11, 2009 9:03 am

*** No AIR attack at carrier while USMC has no flags. ***
     China jets and choppers are not allowed to attack carrier while USMC holds no flags.
     Once USMC has a flag, China Air can engage infantry on the carrier but not grounded aircraft (see Grounded Aircraft Rule).
*** Infantry is allowed at the carrier any time. ***

*** No AIR attack on GROUNDED AIR ASSETS...applies to both sides. ***
     Air = Jets, Attack Choppers, and Transport Choppers
     Air can not attack grounded air assets. Manned or Unmanned. At pads.
     All air assets will be given a clean take-off.
     However you are not allowed to just sit in an air asset thinking you are safe from attack.
     This is considered Wasting Assets.
     If you land aircraft after take off for any reason, you are open to ALL forms of attack
              *this rules is only designed to allow a fair fight between jets and choppers and to prevent constant pad attack*

*** Grounded Air rule does not apply to assets being STOLEN. ***
     If you decide to steal an enemy air asset, your are open to ALL forms of attack. Including Air attack.
     If USMC captures Airfield, the grounded J-10 is also open to ALL forms of attack.

*** This is a free speech server, however Racist and Sexist comments will not be tolerated. ***

*** No INTENTIONAL team killing, ramming, or forced team killing. ***
     However darting is allowed but you must survive after the bail.

*** Commanders are not allowed in attack choppers or Jets. ***
     Commanders can use transport choppers to go or transport soldiers to the island.

*** No hacking, glitching, padding stats, redlining, or disruptive play. ***
     Hacks, Glitchs, Stat pad and Redline = PERMANENT BAN
     Redline is when a chopper pilot takes the gunner to the edge of the map to kill him.

*** No Chinese Arty on carrier ever!!! ***

*** No EXCESSIVE Tank with Crate(s) or EXCESSIVE Air Attack last flag. ***
     "ex·ces·sive - more than is necessary, normal, or desirable; immoderate."
     This is not fun for anyone!
     USMC jets, choppers, and tanks with crates showing zero attempt to capture last flag is not allowed.
     The offenders only concern is obtaining as many kills as possible which is considered Stat Padding.
     Last Flag is not Untouchable but keep the Slaughter to a minimum. Move in and take the flag!
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These are our game server rules
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