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 Unfair Admin

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PostSubject: Unfair Admin   Unfair Admin Icon_minitimeTue Aug 15, 2017 1:10 am

Hi I would like to report the actions of Admin : =TfC= E641
On Sunday, 13 August 2017 approximately from 9:45 - 10:20, i was playing on the wake island server, i waiter for the jet and as it spawned i got into it, during that time i received a text message so i paused for a while and was texting a quick reply, during that time i was kicked for "Wasting Assets".
I joined back the game and didn't complain because the admin had a right for kicking me that time.
Shortly after when the game was about to finish (All flags were captured by my team and 1 person remaining) i began to hover my jet in front the bridge where the End Game cam would be and I got kicked to the same reason "Wasting Assets x2".
I was infuriated because that time i didn't deserve to be kicked. I joined back once more and asked the admin why i was kicked and he said for wasting assets twice, i told him that the first time he had every right to do so but the second time was unfair because he doesn't know the reason why i was hovering. He then said he had every right to kick me for both of the times because its his server, so i asked him if i was flying too high it would be OK to kick me? and he said yes. That got me even more upset and i told him i would be reporting to his superiors and he then went on to say he is his own superior.
I am asking that someone please look into the actions of this trigger happy Admin and present him with a warning or something.

I'm sure you guys could pull up the conversation which took place at around 9:45 - 10:20 approximately
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PostSubject: Re: Unfair Admin   Unfair Admin Icon_minitimeTue Aug 15, 2017 5:33 pm

i have to say that you kind of shot yourself in the foot with this one....you're first one is justified fully....if you hop in a jet or aircraft you should plan to use it...if something comes up like the wife calls you or text or whatever...get out of the jet so the other 15 people waiting there can use it....

your second offense was justified as well...you stated clearly that all flags were capped and one person remained on that side.........so while their entire team is waiting dead for one guy to try and cap a flag....most of them don't stick around for very long...you'd be surprised at just how quickly a server dies because of this......instead of you trying to help your team find that last player you only cared about trying to get your picture taken......

Let me add this....none of our admins have "Superiors" TFC is a cumulative group effort of admins to provide an enjoyable experience for everyone...when big decisions are to be made..we come to these forums and discuss it...together...........Yes it is a fact that I myself might Pay for the server and keep the server running when issues arise like bugs, glitches, etc....but "WE" are TFC
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PostSubject: cant see that rule   Unfair Admin Icon_minitimeTue Aug 15, 2017 5:42 pm

I was in that game, yes you got kick for hovering in a jet not using it.

The game was close most of the team worked together.   At the end US managed to get all the flags again for a possible win,  

YOU went straight to the Bridge to hover again.   The game wasn't finished there was still 3 enemy alive.  We killed 2 and the 3rd one was at North and got a flag to neutral you where still hoovering.  Lucky the other pilot was experienced enough not to Jack Off until the win is secure.  

He managed to get the win for us by getting the last guy seconds from the flag cap.

Dont be a Noob look at your Score card and Mini map see who is alive and where they are. only if they are all dead can you Jack Off on the Bridge.    I think you would have helped get the last guy if you new more about how 2 to play.

PS: Play some where else if you don't like it. TFC have every right to kick or Ban for no reason. It is there property and they can refuse access to anyone they wish. TFC doesn't even have to give a reason.
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PostSubject: Re: Unfair Admin   Unfair Admin Icon_minitimeTue Aug 15, 2017 7:34 pm

Regardless of HOW you are wasting assets, you were wasting them. The second time you were kicked, you were hovering over the lagoon when the airfield was still neutral with 3 players left. Three players can easily take a flag and you had already been kicked for wasting assets once.

I did not say it was MY server, when you said you were going to report me to my superiors, I said I do not have superiors.

If you are in any asset, jet, tank or helo and have to go AFK, get out and let someone else use it to benefit the team, it may only be for a minute or two but that is still wasting assets that can be used to help cap a flag or protect on depending on the side you are on.

We are always happy to have players to play the game and follow the rules. it may seem trivial to you but it can have a big affect on the game.


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PostSubject: Re: Unfair Admin   Unfair Admin Icon_minitime

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Unfair Admin
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