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 Unban please?

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PostSubject: Unban please?   Unban please? Icon_minitimeSun Feb 21, 2016 6:24 pm

Hello all....TheNameIsDalton here.... Looks like I was banned last week? Leaving carrier in blackhawk toward right to fly around the back side of runway...F35 took off and was well above me, then my screen showed I was killed by someone (teammate but don't remember who it was). The ban message said "ban time" after text of the message. I thought I'd wait a few days to see if it would clear up....did not so far. I am in rural AZ and only have Centrylink DSL...usually pretty good pings (average 80) but sometimes the internet is pretty crappy in spurts and my ping jumps up to 800-1200 and then I can't even fly or play because it is too bad response time. Like I said the jet took off and went straight up...not sure if he came back down or what but the next screen refresh said I was killed. If the jet did come back down not sure why he did that instead of flying off to the island. At any rate when I tried to get back on it says I'm still banned. I've got a lot of time playing on your Weekend Warriors server and I usually do pretty good I thought... Please let me know if you need anything else....sure would like to get back on (when the internet is good of course).

Thanks, and remember "From now on Dalton is in charge of all the BAR business....". LOL

Happy playing everyone....
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PostSubject: Re: Unban please?   Unban please? Icon_minitimeMon Feb 22, 2016 10:31 am

Hey Bud we are not admins for weekend warriors we are The Friendly Clan we do have our own server but we play alot on weekend warriors. But we have no admin rights there.. hope you get it resolved.. Go to google and look up bf2 weekend warriors and it will give you there site so you can plead your case to them best of luck Dalton. If not come back and talk to us we are recruiting and looking for players to keep our server active and need more players just register and talk to Me E641 or DangerousDoug and we will talk to you about what we are looking for in clan members if not best of luck Dalton have a great one sir ... Gunny
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Unban please?
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