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 Intrest in =TFC=

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PostSubject: Intrest in =TFC=   Thu Jan 12, 2012 12:32 am

Hello, I'm extremly intrested in dedicating myself to =TFC= and becomeing a friendly member. I have the maturity to make the right desisions and the respect that is equaly shown amongst peers. I have shown this in day to day combat amongst several =TFC= members like, Descartes42, Kiddelano2, pfcvaldez, plb2416, [death]madmullet, Rapidfx, DangerousDoug, 420_chuck_norris, Akillesblood, Mypaperpast, Tomaber, and Fibtech. On many occasions I have mentioned joining =TFC= and they have responded positivly. Sadly I haven't had the benifit of introducing my self to gblancov on the battle field.I have played this games for years now, this is a new account that I made after my last computer overheated. I have dedicated my self souly to the =TFC= server! I know the age is 18 and I'm soon to be 15 but I hope we can look past that and look at me as a person that has and will always show maturity, respect, determination, knoledge of the rules, and great communication. I am hopeful and prepared. Thanks for you time.

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Intrest in =TFC=
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