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 Please Unban

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PostSubject: Please Unban   Mon Jul 04, 2011 10:46 pm

Hi Friendly Clan,

Last year I was banned for a team-kill. It all started when trying to jump into an aircraft on the Wake Island Carrier. I was tk'd by some guy who called me the usual names - noob, fag etc and was told that I wasn't allowed to fly because I wasn't very good at it.

Each time I tried to get into an aircraft he did it again, shooting me while on the deck of the carrier or blowing up the aircraft as I tried to take off.

After a time, I got angry and went and shot him. At which point he typed in bold caps, "ADMIN BAN Ch0pperNZ HE'S A TK'ER".

I was banned instantly.

I realise that taking matters into your own hands is unwise and I should turn the other cheek, even going elsewhere until the REAL tk'er is gone. I am sorry for not having more self-control at the time.

Please unban Ch0pperNZ .


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PostSubject: Re: Please Unban   Mon Jul 04, 2011 11:05 pm

Not only for tker

You have been banned 2 times.

You used our =TFC tag in 2 ocassions.

=TFC= oooraaa
=TFC= Is_A_Fat_Homo

We dont trust and we dont want players like you in this server.
Ban stays.

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Please Unban
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