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 engagment rule?

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PostSubject: engagment rule?   Sun Nov 07, 2010 7:40 pm


I'm not tryin to cause trouble toward TFC members. I have been tryin my best to respect your server as i have been on your server for long time. I have read the Server rules on TFC forum long time ago.

First, I was being chased by F35 when I'm in J10 and took heavy damage and been trying to get around to get the f35 and I have been trying to get lock on the F35. I have got F35 I'm my view from Beach and didn't get lock yet until I reach South tip. I have no intention to attack carrier which I knew I wasn't allowed since USA did not get any flag. but I was too busy chasing the F35 that attacked me. Then other players complain that I was attacking carrier and not f35. The F35 was at airfield trying to attack me.

Second, in my helo, the USA helo took damage from airfield then I started following the USA helo from airfield and got close to carrier where USA helo trying to approach the carrier for repairs and I wanted to take'm out before reaching the carrier so I missed the helo using the TV missile. Then I get kicked from server.

look I'm sorry if I wasn't allowed to that action i recently did. I was confused that we played like this awhile ago with no complaints including TFC members.

Anyways Im sorry guys. I wont chase anyone from island to carrier when USA gets no flag. I just dont want to upset TFC members which I totaly respect them and rules for long time. plus I have no witness on my side since the enemy players complained that I broke the server rules.

Thank you for time reading this. Sorry TFC members.


and no I wasn't drunk when I was playin at the time.
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PostSubject: Re: engagment rule?   Sun Nov 07, 2010 9:44 pm

I am not sure what happened here.

This is what I got from the chat logs.

=TDB= B27RAMPAGE Global [17:08:10] get away from carrier we dont have a flag
=TDB= B27RAMPAGE Global [17:08:18] they dont i mean
DrunkenFreeman Global [17:08:46] Im not attackng the carrier, I was chasing the F35... im allowed
=TFC= Yodalicious Global [17:09:13] as long as the engagement begins before arty island
MCSTN_Waddle Global [17:09:41] PFFFFFF, HE DEEDN'T ENGAGED, HE JUST SNEAK OUT BEHIND, waiting for me to slow
DrunkenFreeman Global [17:10:42] he was chasing me first then I was able to get around while he was heading to carrier.
DrunkenFreeman Global [17:10:52] if admin tells me not to then I wont.
=TFC= Yodalicious Global [17:10:55] dont
DrunkenFreeman Global [17:11:04] ok
MCSTN_Waddle Global [17:11:07] I DONT CALL IT CHASING
MCSTN_Waddle Global [17:11:18] YOU DEEDN t engaged until carrier
DrunkenFreeman Global [17:11:27] check battle recorder if its on
heisriseneco Global [17:12:09] freeman you didnt engage
=TFC= TheMadChemist Global [17:14:16] !k free past arty island

What MCSTN_Waddle said could not be trustable because he is not a regular player, but =TDB= B27RAMPAGE and heisriseneco are regular players and they agreed you were not engaged.
Any jet passing arty island can be chased back to carrier and attack only the jet, while usmc has no flags.
And you must stay behind arty island while usmc has no flags.

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PostSubject: Re: engagment rule?   Mon Nov 08, 2010 9:40 am

I was only chasing the F35, I took heavy damage from him and I chased him and did not attack carrier at all, as they assume i was attacking carrier. that F35 has already passed the arty island and was at the airfield and attacked me.

I dunno if you have battle recorder on, it'll show proof. But their words against my words I cannot prove.

again, I'm sorry.

Thank you

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PostSubject: Re: engagment rule?   Mon Nov 08, 2010 10:42 am

freeman,chasing them back to carier meaning jet after jet or chopper after chopper is legal whether they have a flag or not.I will often persue a jet back to the carier and not lock on till they have slowed to rearm that way they cant gun up and avoid ur shots.The pilot of the other jet obviously didnt know you were behind him or he wouldnt have tried to rearm.I have had people say to me that i wasnt engaged but when your in a dog fight you are engaged as of that moment and it doesnt mean you have to have a lock tone on ur missles to prove it.He obviously thinks he excaped you and obviously he didnt.I will say you have to be persueing them and not just asuming thats where they went meaning theyve got to be in your vision while chasing them back.

If a chopper hasnt passed arty yet you cant fire on them UNTIL they fire on you first.But you in the other chopper may fire at them wether they are passed arty or not once theyve shot at you.If they turn and run for the carier you may persue them in the chopper and finish the battle.You cant attack anything onboard the ship ie. jets choppers infantry even if their atackin you unless the US has captured a flag.

It is common to hear the people on deck of the ship start saying we havent got a flag,whats the attack chopper doing passed arty island.Its hard for them to tell what happened out by arty island when there still standing on the carrier.So they usualy dont see the tv that was shot by the cobra that prompted the persuit.

Ive played with you a bunch and you seem to have a good understanding of the rules,if you follow my advice above you shouldnt have any problems Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: engagment rule?   Mon Nov 08, 2010 3:06 pm


it seem that the way they stated that I'm breaking the server rules. I don't wanna be disrespectful player on your server.

Thanks for responding.

See you guys at the battlefield.

Forum admin, you may close or lock this thread.
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PostSubject: Re: engagment rule?   

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engagment rule?
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