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PostSubject: ADMINS PLEASE READ!!   Wed Jul 12, 2017 2:54 pm

Hey, Hope all is well with everyone. Just wanted to say a few things and figured this was the best place to say it. Since Doug has passed all of us players that still play for the most part have been doing amazing at Admining the server. I have though noticed a few things that bother me when logging on during the day and dealing with the wrath of everyone at night from being Kicked or Banned Instantly. So remember we are called THE FRIENDLY CLAN. We are suppose to be friendly so with that can we do more Warning 1st maybe even 2 times then Kick and Ban if continued. Some people that play in our server may be from another country and not understand what we are saying. So if they see a Warning with there Name they will either get the hint or eventually get kicked. I am seeing people being banned for being AFK that is not an offense. If you think they have been AFK for too long then simply kick them. That is why everyone who is taking part in being admin needs to download BF2CC so that you can see how long they have been idle. Some of these people spend 7 hours in our server only to be banned for being AFK. That is crazy to me. What if they went to eat dinner, breakfast, use the bathroom who knows why they went AFK but, its not an offense to Ban. Just remember always be respectful to people coming in our server because they didn't have to come in. There is plenty of other servers they could have went to but, they choose ours. #TFC4Life
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PostSubject: Re: ADMINS PLEASE READ!!   Wed Jul 12, 2017 3:51 pm

I kicked a few players for being AFK. I made a message about kicking AFK players and after I kicked a couple, the same player for being AFK I think twice, he came back and still remained AFK so I banned him for it, even though it may not be a rule, he was just coming in and not playing which hurts a team.

We have too many players that sit idle and the teams get to where most of the idle players are on one side which causes a side to get totally obliterated. I have kicked many players for remaining idle but this guy came back and remained idle.

I also said something about being an admin and someone posted "there are never any admins here".

I don't get the chance to play often but when I do, it is mostly a free for all and little to no rules are being followed. I have to TRY to balance playing to win for the side I am on and being an admin which gets me killed many times trying to type a warning message or answer a question or even kick a player.

The name "The Friendly Clan" is most often misconstrued to mean that people can do what they want and no action should be taken, I always say "do not confuse kindness with weakness, obey the rules and you will be fine"

So yes I am guilty of banning a player for being afk and after being kicked a few times for it kept coming back and remaining afk.

The players who are playing the game these days want a free for all server and the few times that there are an admin here, they get it.
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PostSubject: Re: ADMINS PLEASE READ!!   Wed Jul 12, 2017 4:44 pm

I have to Agree with E641 in our particular situation anyway as i was playing that night, our team was the one being destroyed every round by players not being in game we always kick players not in game its been that way since TFC began so there is not one side being overwhelmed while the other team has all its players the player in question was banned for coming back and staying idle 3 diffrent times so if he was eating or using restroom he should of stayed off till he was ready to play inactive players take up space for people who want to actually play the game but no one was banned instantly that night he was warned and kicked twice people tend to embellish when there angry or mad but i will always believe our admins first over those who complain our admins have no desire to ban or kick anyone like E641 said it usually gets you killed or takes you away from helping your team by babysitting people who should know how to read rules in game then say they didn't know.. then if you can't read you shouldn't play here, or ask what the rules are if you dont speak English and unsure E641 is right they shouldn't confuse our clan name as meaning we are weak or you can do as you want I understand Country's frustration as well and Country simple solution is say i will talk it over with the Admin in Question and see if that's what really happened and get back to you E641 is a man of High Integrity and was Blancos top Admin back when we were full strength he wouldn't lie or use his powers unjustly im just saying before you believe the ones complaining talk to the Admin and see what his version is and why he made that command decision to Ban them. I didnt ask E if it was a permanent ban or day or week but if we don't enforce our rules then people will do whatever they want, I know idle is not a rule but he should of took the hint after being warned and Kicked twice we were getting destroyed and already had less players because people were quitting the game because it was so lopsided hope that explains what happened at least in our case a few nights ago maybe you mean others but i would still ask Admins first who were involvedjust to make sure hope we get to play soon country girl miss playing in game with ya .. Gunny
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PostSubject: Re: ADMINS PLEASE READ!!   Wed Jul 12, 2017 6:56 pm

I have already admitted I was guilty of banning the player for a rule that does not exist, but like Gunny said, we had been getting our asses handed to us for several rounds because the teams were so uneven because of the AFK players.

I took extraordinary measures in the face of an extraordinary situation since the person kept coming back and remaining afk. The teams were uneven at the start of a round by 4-7 players and gunny was trying to switch sides to try to balance it out and it took him several attempts. In the old days, I have paused a game using BF2CC so I could get peoples attention to type a message to get their attention but that caused problems with battle recorder so I used that as a last resort.

I will be the first to admit that I am going to make mistakes but rest assured, I will admit to them and not try to sugar coat it. I was wrong, end of story.

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PostSubject: Re: ADMINS PLEASE READ!!   

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