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PostSubject: TFC Server   TFC Server Icon_minitimeSun Apr 23, 2017 9:06 pm

Great servers plays fantastic even with a 220 ping, A Super High spec game Server, located for a great gaming for all players across the global. Don't be deterred if it show a high ping this server plays better than a lot of low ping servers. Give it a go.

Admins are great and professional, the server runs Battle Recorder so no cheater is banned without the Battle recorder conclusive evidence.

TFC is Currently the most populated Clan server among the vets.

The negative post come from people that have been banned for disruptive behavior/being tools, as you can see by there posts. So the TFC Server is a pleasant relaxing place to play as unfriendly/disruptive players are removed. TFC are the oldest clan successfully still operating because they keep there server Friendly.

TFC have some of the best BF2 players frequent there server and they are the ones that now play for fun and don't just smash noobs for there own high KDR.

TFC Server would be one of the few servers that you can join that always has active Squads using Voice Chat, Commanders that support squads and players that play for the Game objective. Its a great aspect of the game that has been lost for a lot of servers.

Do your self a favour and grab a game on the TFC server for some friendly teamplay BF2.
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PostSubject: Re: TFC Server   TFC Server Icon_minitimeMon Apr 24, 2017 6:20 pm

we appreciate the kind words...good to see our efforts are not going on dead ears....
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TFC Server
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