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PostSubject: Re: YO I AM PRETTY MAD ABOUT THIS   Tue Nov 26, 2013 12:34 pm

gblanco wrote:
E641 wrote:
Even IF you were trying to shoot the jeep that was against the jet as it was taking off, what do you think was going to happen when you cause something to explode that is against something else that can also explode???
What you said thexfiles did it, not lmaonator.

E641 wrote:
I have a feeling that this ban being lifted will only be temporary because of the type of response that was posted here on the forums from the ban that was first put in place.  Remember this is a PRIVATE sever and people can be banned for any or NO reason depending on the people who are in charge of it.
E, I can keep the ban if you think that will save us future problems.

Balnco, you are correct, I got the two team kill videos mixed up.  After reviewing the team kill where he killed you in the China truck, that one was close enough that he should have easily been able to tell that it was a China uniform in the gunners seat and the vehicle was facing toward airfield and not toward the north.

I trust your judgement to allow him to come back and see if he will adhere to the rules as we expect from him and anyone else that plays on the server.

I like to give people a second chance even if it was a intentional team kill but the real problem I have that even if this was a accidental ban the way in which he demanded it be raised or he would take further action.

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PostSubject: Re: YO I AM PRETTY MAD ABOUT THIS   Tue Nov 26, 2013 8:39 pm

Agreed E... lmaonator don't u ever make a threat here again do i make myself clear .. I don't care if your a man or not that will not fly with me u will find me very un forgiving ... & your comment of meeting a threat with over whelming force.. just remember there is always somebody bigger badder and and a lot more vicious than u out there u may get hurt with an attitude like that
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PostSubject: Re: YO I AM PRETTY MAD ABOUT THIS   Thu Nov 28, 2013 8:35 am

ok, thanks for listening and responding. I am not someone who comes on this server and intententionally breaks the rules. Furthermore I'm not on haloperidol, adderal, Ritalin or any other prescriptions and I don't do street drugs. I work as a paramedic and that would be seriously frowned upon.

see you guys in game Laughing 
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